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Tame The Overload

Living in the "information age," you've probably got a million things worth knowing that you just can't seem to keep in your head all at once. We're bombarded on all sides with information from media outlets, lectures, books, and conversations with friends. How can we separate the wheat from the chaff and keep track of what we really need to remember?

Notewise is your key to solving the vexing "information overload" problem. It lets you collect and organize every bit of knowledge you encounter through the day — from little scraps of information to complex insights. Your knowledge is then forever at your fingertips, ready to be recalled, rethought, reorganized, and extended.

Just imagine never losing them again. Phone numbers. News clippings. Meeting agendas and conclusions. Book and movie recommendations. Class notes. Code snippets. Deep discoveries about your business competitors. And ever-developing plans for your future. Don't leave your knowledge to chance! Let Notewise help you manage it and maximize its potential.

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