Instructions for building a Quick and Dirty Rails App without a Database Model

1. Install Ruby and Rails - You can figure this one out

2. Create a Rails application

    > rails /path/to/application
    > cd /path/to/applicatiom

  This'll generate a bunch of stuff, mainly framework code and testing 
  frameworks. Your application code will go underneath /path/to/application/app
3. Generate the controller and model

    > cd /path/to/application
    > ruby script/generate controller RunLogger log_time report_time
    > ruby script/generate model RunLogEntry

  This'll generate skeleton controllers and views on the first command, and 
  a skeleton model on the second command.

4. Edit your models and controllers and views. 

                Model: run_log_entry.rb
                Controller: run_logger_controller.rb
                Views: report_time.rhtml, log_time.rhtml

5. Run the server!!

    > cd /path/to/application
    > ruby script/server
    > firefox http://localhost:3000/run_logger/report_time

6. Done!