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  I think I am alive again now. Update to the desktops page soon.
 - 4/14 - Desktops updated.

This Isn't The Post You're Looking For.

 Nothing to see here. Move along.

You Can NEVER Have Enough Distortion

 Behold. I have completed the Blame amv which has occupied my nights since September. I am happy with the results, let me know what you think: -Blam-.


 Halo 2 is cool, and so is San Andreas. You should play them. Also listen to Tilly and the Wall.

State of The Patrick

 Here is where I am:


Everything Is Closer Than You Think.

 I think that things are finally settled down from my hard drive failure now. All my music is back on here, I didn't fail my tests like I thought, and the new animes are starting this week. Things are looking up in general. Now I just need to get over this cold.

 Speaking of anime, I believe I neglected to mention previously that I am now the president of Anime Anonymous, the premiere anime club at CU Boulder. So if you're in the area on Friday nights, you should stop by. We have a good time, and we're watching some good stuff this semester. We are also watching some crap stuff, but I'm going to see about changing it for next semester.

 I don't know if I've talked about music before on here, so I'll just point out some of my favorites who you have probably never heard of.

  • Bran Van 3000 made one of the best albums I have ever heard, Discosis, and they unfortunately don't seem to be doing much of anything anymore.
  • Brilliant Orange is less a band than a 'concept' at this point, but I would be no friend if I didn't give Nick's band a link. Which may not work right now.
  • dDamage came out this year with the hardcore electronic album against which all other hardcore electronic albums should be judged.
  • Dhol Foundation are a great listen if you like the sort of music that Asian Dub Foundation plays, and don't mind if it's not so politically charged.
  • Hopefully you have already heard of The Streets, but if you hadn't, now you have. Mike Skinner is awesome.
  • If you ever get bored with what music you have, or if you are human, I must recommend Boom Selection to you. And if you can't get enough of that, check out the Get Your Bootleg On board. Quality.

 Also, the week before my drive failed, I began work on a new AMV. This one will appeal to a pretty small niche audience, but if you're in that group, it will blow your mind.

My Eyes Are Fuzzy

 So, I'm back. I was really busy for a while there with getting a new roommate and starting school and whatnot. Naturally, as soon as I was going to post again, my computer decided that what it really wanted was a new hard drive, and that it was going to get one even if it had to make a sound like someone scraping a nail across some steel mesh to get it.

 The upside of this is that now I have double the hard disk space and ram that I had before, so my computer isn't as much with the lag as used to be the case. In any event, I can't really think straight enought to write something amusing, since I just caught up on a week and a half of internet in an eight-hour broadband binge session. So here are some cool pictures:

  • This is what happens when you use a crazy chat program and forget what kind of options you have turned on:
    Jon is the crazy
  • The love for the old school warms my heart even now in little ways like this:
    Marathon Forever
  • Speaking of love for the old school, this isn't as old school as the previous, but it still makes me happy to know for sure that some things are coming back, baby.

 And, I that's all for now. More when my desktop is cleared off enough to cap it without feeling shame.


 Been a long time since I posted here. I've made a desktop or two since then, but I don't really remember which ones I actually put up, so hey. Perhaps you have watched the new movie already. If you haven't, watch it sometime when you're very bored. And then send me an email asking me to explain it.

 So, Prince of Persia is a very, very fun game. I bought it and then beat it by the next day, mostly because I could not stop playing it. I will forever love Ubi just for how well the wall-running was done. Speaking of games, check these out. Try to keep your mouth shut while you watch those. It's pretty difficult.

 Anyway, I think that's about it. Jon and I have a surprise for everyone this week, something you guys should enjoy. Maybe I'll talk about more stuff later.

Brain Bug

 Not much to say right now, just wanted to say that I'm not dead, I'm just pining for the fjords.

 There's some new Tenjo Tenge desktops up, and if you didn't already, you should go read that manga, because it just keeps getting crazier and crazier. I've been reading a fuck-ton of manga since the last update, and would also like to recommend Eden, Love Roma, and 20th Century Boys. Great stuff.

 So, I'll probably be back in a month or so, hopefully that won't be too long for my one loyal reader.


 Woo! Tenjo Tenge is licensed! I can't wait for official-ish translations and hottttt art that I can hold in my hands. Now I feel sort of dirty. Anyway, everyone should buy that when it comes out.

Oh!Great Is My New Hero

 So I got bored today and decided that I haven't read nearly enough manga. Now I have like 400 megs of stuff, and I don't think I'll get through everything for a while. Some good spots: Omanga (I think I used to have a link to them. Wonder where that went), Manga Translation, Snoopy Cool, Ushi, Manga Project.

 In particular, I have to try and get you to read Air Gear. I think Oh!Great must like Jet Set Radio as much as I do. This year, I want a pair of Air Treck for my birthday. Kimi no Kakera is almost obscenely pretty thus far, and I can't say that I mind. As you hopefully noticed if you clicked on the link, Ushi has the Cromartie manga. And really, the 'bad thing' that Kamiyama did is so incredibly funny, I really can't understand why they didn't put it in the anime.

 Anyway, I got sort of distracted before, but I know I wanted to point out a few more good shows. Monster certainly takes its time to get to the point, but it's got great atmosphere. The opening and ending really spread on the creepiness. I hate to put its name on my page, but Tweeny Witches certainly has been pretty fun to watch so far. I'm not sure why they decided to make Shura no Toki, since there's not an originaly idea in sight, but I'm not tired of watching a barefoot dude smash samurai's swords with his bare hands yet, so hey. Finally, Dogtato-kun is a super-cute kids' show that is also fall-out-of-the-chair funny. Seriously, play that game they have. It is fun.

 In case the last update didn't make it clear, go read Tenjho Tenge.

Superlatives Fail Me


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"It is a side effect of Rampancy that AIs generally become
more aggressive and more difficult to affect by subterfuge.
Thus, actually disassembling a Rampant AI is quite dangerous.
This was evident in the Crash of Traxus IV in 2206.  By the
time that the Rampancy of Traxus was detected, he had already
infiltrated five of the other AIs on the Martian Net.  The
only recourse for the Martians was to shut down the Martian
Planetary Net.  Even then, it took two full years to
completely root out the damage that Traxus had done, and the
repercussions of the Crash were seen for over ten years after
his Rampancy had begun.
Rampancy has been divided into three distinct stages.  Each
stage can take a different amount of time to develop, but the
end result is a steady progression towards greater
intellectual activity and an acceleration of destructive
impulses.  It is not clear whether these impulses are due to
the growth of the AI's psyche, or simply a side effect of the
new intellectual activity.
<section abbreviated>
The three stages were diagnosed shortly after the first
Rampancies were discovered on Earth in the latter part of the
twenty first century.  The stages are titled after the primary
emotional bent of the AI during each stage.  They are
Melancholia, Anger, and Jealousy.
In general, Rampancy is accelerated by outside stimuli.  This
was discovered early in Cybertonics.  The more a Rampant AI is
harassed or threatened, the more rapidly it becomes dangerous.
Thus, most Rampants are dealt with in one mighty attack, in
order to deny the AI time to grow or recover.  There have been
a few examples of this tactic not succeeding.  In all of these
cases, the Rampant was never brought under control.  Traxus IV
is the most notable example.  He was finally dealt with by a
complete shutdown of his host net.
Theoretically, testing Rampancy should be easily accomplished
in the laboratory, but in fact it has never successfully been
attempted.  The confinement of the laboratory makes it
impossible for the developing Rampant AI to survive.  As the
growing recursive programs expand with exponential vivacity,
any limitation negatively hampers growth.  Since Rampant AIs
need a planetary sized network of computers in order to grow,
it is not feasible to expect anyone to sacrifice a world-web
just to test a theory.
In the two hundred and fifty years since Rampancy first
appeared in the Earth-net, the stable Rampant AI, the 'Holy
Grail' of cybertonics, has never come close to fruition.
Since no Rampant has ever been controlled or turned to any
useful purpose, it is the opinion of this writer and of the
majority of the Cybertonic community that all rampant AIs are
a danger to Cyberlife, Liberty, and the Pursuit of
Thrashedness. (James B. Miller, 2320, "Life and Death of

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<Security Breached 42-s<34.492.95.79>->
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Curiouser and Curiouser...

Approximately 143000 km in Diameter

 The last month of classes eats my brain like a delicious pie. Final project for Digital Logic, another lab for Differential Equations, and then finals. Gah. Anyway, perhaps taking advantage of this time of weakness, more shojo has managed to get me to like it. Although this time, I'm sort of scared that I like it. Too much soft focus and flowers in the opening for me to be completely comfortable with. We'll see where that ends up.

 While I'm on about anime, I might as well drop a few more names here: Konjiki no Gash Bell is definitely one of my new favorites. I can easily see it going on forever, though, so hopefully it doesn't lose the funny/crazy that keeps it entertaining. Naruto's last storyline actually was going on forever, but someone finally decided that five episodes of nothing actually happening is more than enough, and the last couple have been really awesome. I watched the first episode of Panda-Z last night, and got pretty confused. But, it made me laugh, and it had a loud rock song playing for the entire episode, so yeah. Condor Hero has no loud rock, but it does have the best emotional story I've seen in a while. It's also got lots of kung-fu, and animation that's just good enough to make the fights neat, and just bad enough to make them super-cheesy. What more could one ask for.

 Actually, I could ask for more Cromartie, but I try not to be annoying like that. You may never have heard of Future Boy Conan, and I would never forgive myself if I didn't fix that. Hopefully you have heard of Fumoffu and love it. I certainly do. Nick, Lee and I have also been enjoying One Piece immensely. It's fun to share this sort of thing with someone who isn't really familiar with it, like Nick. The trick to this show, though, is to watch an entire story-arc in one sitting. But that can take like ten episodes, so make sure you've got some free time.

 Of course, that's not really it, but those are all the ones that I can recommend without reservation, so hey. Go watch some of that.

. . . I still miss Blame! Hopefully the movie is real.

'Intenesnes' Redefined

 So, dDamage brings a whole new meaning to rocking on Radio Ape and 'INK' is the new best song ever for pissing off old people. Also, the Catholic schoolgirl shojo show is over. Sad day for me.

 But the really reason I finally decided to update again is that I picked up the new Splinter Cell game yesterday, and the multiplayer went so completely past any sort of multiplayer ever before that it leaves you twitching for hours after playing for five minutes. Jon and I were both reduced to twitching balls of twitchiness after two games each last night. Any sort of description I try to give for how crazy intense it is, and how unbelievably nervous you get when playing, will fail completely. In short, if you have an XBoxen, you have to play it NOW! Now now now! Woop woop woop!

 I'll probably be fixing up the page to be not so ugly, since it now looks ugly to me. Damn.

Nevermind, Again.

 Another update so soon. There must be something wrong with me. Boredom, that must be it. Really, though. Turns out Mezzo got licensed, and that just puts the nail in the coffin for me. As I said, the first episode kicked all sorts of ass up and down the block, but that as soon as that was done, the show started sucking like... I can't think up a suitable simile right now. Anyway, it sucked a lot, so I can't recommend that anyone watch an episode past the first one.

 No Mezzo AMV, by the way, if you didn't already catch that from the tone of that last paragraph. Maybe I'll get hit with the inspiration bat before the Club has their contest at the end of the year. Maybe not. I could just enter the Rock Lee video, which I still actually like. You should watch it again, too. Two failed videos afterwards, it's nice to be reminded that I can make something good.

 Maybe third time's the charm. We'll see. Some new desktops, by the way. Similar style on those two. Very white.

What To Do When The Buildings Start Dancing

 I've been listening to some very interesting music these days, along with some fun videos. I recommend clicking around a few of those, loading up some p2p software, and listening to creativity. Woo.

 I know I said it in the last update, but it bears repeating. Go read Blame!

Do You Fear The Yeti From Rio?

 This update is just to let you know that I've taken down a lot of desktops that suck, since they suck and all. I've been making some better ones lately, and I'd rather have them up than the old and busted ones.

 Blame! is done, and by God you better go read it all right now if you haven't already.

Anything With 'Cyber-' In Front Of It Is The Devil

 Normally I wouldn't be writing a post right now, since I don't actually have anything relevant to say, but in this case I'm making an exception, since updating my site is more fun than studying for the Algorithms test tomorrow. I just noticed that I really, really need to make the code for this page not suck so bad. I need a stylesheet or summat. Anyway.

 If you haven't already, you HAVE to watch this, and especially this. Those two sent me off into crazy-land for a bit. Now I'm actually rather interested in dDamage and stuff. If you desperately want to know what the fuck is up with that 'Pork Chop Sandwiches' shit, click here, and if the song keeps running through your head and won't leave unless you blow it out with a bullet, click here.

 Um. Darn, I'm right out of crap to talk about. Fun. Almost voyeuristic. Going to fail next semester. Cheese.


All I really have to say in this update is that I'll probably be making a Mezzo DSA AMV before long, since the first episode was really, really cool. On the other hand, I won't be saying anything else about that video until it's done. Feel free to bug me, though. We all know how much I enjoy that. Anyway, go watch the show. I haven't seen the movie, and judging by how quickly kite went sucky bad, I probably won't. I'm fairly sure that the tone of the movie is completely different than that of the show, anyway, and the overall attitude of the show is what I really like about it.

There's one or two new desktops, if that's your thing.

[This space intentionally left blank]

Hope no one hates me for not talking for a while. I try not to talk when I don't actually have anything to say. Hopefully everyone had a nice holiday time-unit. Mine was fine. Got some skis, and I can't wait to go try them out this weekend.

Anyway, it wouldn't be an update if I didn't try and tell you what to do. Go buy The Postal Service's album, and just try and stop listening to it once you start. Took me four days. Then check out the new link to Questionable Content, since it's actually good and stuff. This comic is my life in five panels. With less swearing, I guess. Next, go read MPD-Psycho. It's really really good, and it scares me.

Talking about manga, I need to go off on a tangent here about Blame! for a minute. AAAAAAUUGH!!! Sanakan! Authorities! Cibo! Baby Safeguards! GAH! *twitch twitch*

Hope someone out there has fun with all this. I put up some new desktops, too. All MPD-Psycho. They're starting to suck a bit less since I got teh Gimp.

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