Part Ein

He prints out his own toilet paper.

...she abandoned her family to be on 'American Gladiators' - Sean

Heaters are black, Scampi is white; Tom, will you go to bed with me tonight? - Paulie

Go, Prexi, fetch me my slippers!

Fetish is a fun word


I got bitches in my breeches!

My pincers hold true - Sean

The two monkeys couldn't outwit a cabbage - Sean

Welcome to the Bum-a-bagel

Don't coo like a dove - Sean

The Mayor of Truckville is in dietary dispair! - Steve

Erika coo

'Ninety-nine' - Michael Main

'Your putty offends me' - Jeff

I wish I had had my automatic knife-brick gun - Jeff

I've had it up to here with your lumberjackery

Just go or the job won't work!

Sleep is frisky

Christ practically invented gunpowder

Piss and Slothes

So, no one is going to challenge the word 'cooter'? - Steve

Hellish relish

Justin: Come on, Kenan. Stick your leg out or throw your wallet at it!
Me: Kenan can't throw his wallet, that's where his bling is.
Sean: Kenan doesn't have any bling, that's why he's stuck sessioning for Luc-E's pleasure on a Saturday morning.

Tyler, you gotta help me! It says 'Crow Will Caw', but I want it to say something else! - Tyler

Save me Goldeen, I am in distress! - Jeff

This vest makes me look Finnish.

I got bling, I got hos, what up?

Part Zwei

Crow mightent caw

Turkey got an ivory-plated heater, just so Paulie couldn't say his love poem anymore - Steve

That ain't a bad idear at all - Everyone

I used to suck dick for coke - Bob Saget

I daresay the crow shasn't cawed nor cooed

Have you ever noticed how men leave the toilet seat up? ...That's the joke - McBain

Bobby Queerify is the man

Try our kiln-fired burgers and our "shakes" - Jewbaca

Jewbacca should be in a movie with Billy D Williams! - Kevin

Justin: If Jesus drove a race car, it would say "Skittles" on it
Me: Words of wisdom, to be sure
Justin: To be fair, I got the quote from the Bible

This cur lusts for the blood of 1000 fallen tuna - Sean

Things to do: .... Meet Jesus - Jack T Chick (

Yes, Hecate, she of the witches - Sean

The pig was fat and sassy, so I ate it to teach it a lesson - Jeff

Emu is ostrich's tasty cousin - Kevin

Get off my sausage, bee! - Tyler

They were meticulously hand painted fly-bees!

...Ephraim was but a twinkle in his retarded father's eye - Tyler

Paulie, the cunning hoot-owl, sits in wait in the passenger seat - Steve

John Madden is actually a cannibal - Kevin

Why, Phineas, I do believe you've sealed your own tomb - Sean

Factoid: Walt Disney's real name was Oto Van Disney - Kevin

He [Steve] is slumbering in his trundle - Sean

...But I think luck is with you today as my astrological advisor (who announces tennis and witch-doctors on the side) has acquired Piss of Fruitbat, a necessary ingredient for dropsy potion - Sean

"Snooker" - Walter Wyss

[Moneybags] became enamored of the harlots of Baltic avenue with moves like the Mississippi whistler - Kevin

... If you want I can show you how to make a bomb out of a toiletpaper roll and a stick of dynamite - Dale

The Poppy is also a Flower

Part Drei

See what this gun can do, Donald? We re NOT going to Pepe's! - Steve

Now we'll fight like men. YES! - The Don Donald "The Don" Salieri

You're a chickenwit - Gabe

The two-men salsa grind... sounds like a gay dance - Steve

Pang Three gets 60 miles to the gallon - coaching reports

I have a bee in my bonnet. I am upset. And that bee is Carl Wieman - Steve

Sean: Whoopty whoop nigga what?
Me: I... don't know what to say to that.
Sean: Neither did Luda Cris, and now he's dead!

Kaiser Grayskull is cloistered in the opposing fortress

God, what a tool...

AK Cindy!

Magnetic currents eat energy like Mikey - Wyss

Pang Three, the chosen one; born to lead, and forged from hell's fires

Sweetcakes, stop being a bitch! - Neighbor

The Pang lineage bears a terrible curse

Meow, meow, meow-meow-meow, meow-meow-meow, meow-meow-meow-meow; It's the muthafuckin D-O-double-G (Snoop DOOOOGG!!)

You know Tom, I can't legally wear shorts. - Paulie Dot-Owl

Done Deal.

These are MY big dunkers!

Suck my legwand. Tom, I need you to suck my legwand. - The Don Donald "The Don" Salieri

They were nuclear weapons made out of Metamucil! - Jeff

We're good terrorists - Sean

Ronco is God - whiteboard

...You're running laps with THE BEEEEAAANN!!!!!! - Earl Ezel

Was it the name of God that was burned into your mind from staring at the sun? - Jeff

Cereal and beer. That's what Jesus would have before he went to bed - Justin